About me, KC

Hi, I'm Kevin Charles (KC) Corbett...

I'm a Baltimore-bred illustrator, designer, and videographer.

Cartoons and comics are what attracted me to art as a kid and not much has changed since then. My earliest drawing experiences featured monster doodles and hyper-violent flipbook animations, perhaps reflecting my obsession with old school horror and sci-fi films (thanks Dad). In high school I was suspended and drug tested for drawings found in my sketchbook #lame. I was simultaneously rejected from my school's art program as my portfolio did not feature enough classical portraiture or still-lifes. It wasn't until college that I was able to fulfill my artistic pursuits and begin developing my own path as a creator.

At Towson University I studied a variety of mediums, ranging from watercolor to sculpture to typography. All of these samplings helped me shape my own stylistic identity as an artist, and furthermore allowed me to pursue work as a freelance artist with a diverse skill-set. Working full-time through college as a chef, I have had to improvise and learn the skill of time-management. Over the last 5 years, my freelance side hustle has turned into a lucrative brand in which I am able to selectively work with clients whose products/offerings I support. In my final year of school, I was beyond thrilled to intern with Cartoon Network as a Production Assistant on their smash hit Adventure Time. At CN I was able to turn my passion for cartoons + film into a well rounded technical understanding.  Returning home, I was filled with a freshly kindled passion, eager to continue honing my creative abilities.

After graduating, I was psyched to be hired by Mozell Films, an up-and-coming production company with its sights set on dominating the local market. With Mozell I was able to study the live-action production and focus on opportunities ranging from story-boarding, character design, filming, and editing. I have since moved on from Mozell, however, the skills I picked up there have undoubtedly changed the way I foresee my own career.

I currently work with Baltimore Clayworks as their head of design + marketing. Here I have made it my goal to hone my graphic design abilities while developing an informed understanding of modern marketing and social media outreach. With this pursuit, as with any other, my priority is to learn. I can proudly say that I haven't the slightest clue where my rambling career will take me from here...but isn't that what makes life exciting?

This site provides a place for me to host all of my work, freelance and otherwise, for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for stopping by!