I dump my video projects into here chronologically.

(until I eventually have enough that it warrants organization)

Stan Lee Minidoc

“Somewhere Over East Baltimore”

"Up in Vermont" - Drone Video

Sandlot - Timelapse

Boh and Utz - Animation

"Prettyboy Lake" - Drone Clip

Drone Reel - Early January, 2018

Glitter Fallout - Intro

Sign Language Alphabet

"The Lux" - AlanMichael (Title)

Test Edit w/ Kirby

"Call in Sick" - Radiation Puppy

The following videos were created for Johns Hopkins Medicine:

These videos are not my property and were made under contract as an employee of Johns Hopkins.

Tiny Bus Concerts:

All of the Tiny Bus Concerts were organized by Stacey Chambers and myself and were shot and recorded by me!